A Professional Duct Cleaning Contractor Servicing the Tri-State Area for over 25 Years
Specializing in Air Conditioning , Heating, and Ventilation System Cleaning - Mold Remediation



We Provide:
HVAC System Cleaning - Source Removal of Contaminants - nuisance dust, insect remains, animal hair & dander, mold, pollen, bacteria (For more information click here)
Mold Testing & Remediation - As per EPA, ASHRAE, IICRC, NADCA Standards & Guidelines (For more information click here)
Dryer Vent Cleaning - Prevention of lint fires
Hi-Rise Bathroom & Kitchen Exhaust Systems - Increases, air flow, reduction of dirt and grease, insect control. (For more information click here)
Compactor Refuse Chute Cleaning -Reduces rodent and insect populations.
(For more
information click here)
Overhead Structure Cleaning - Prevents contamination of dirt and dust from falling onto production equipment in the food processing, pharmaceutical and electronic industries.
HVAC Hygiene Inspections - Maximizes employee health and safety by periodic inspection of the main components of the HVAC system.(For more information click here)
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