Industrial & Commercial Customers

Our indoor environmental cleaning process will be tailored made to the individual clients needs. With over twenty years of experience and numerous certifications, we are best prepared to meet any challenge.

Better Air Quality, Inc. (BAQ) is a Contracting company regularly engaged in the business of system cleaning for twenty five years and microbial testing and remediation for the last five years.

Our company had played a major role in duct cleaning of several schools and businesses located in the aftermath of the World Trade Center destruction.

Cleaning is done by utilization of the most up to date machinery and tools available and by workmen qualified to perform the work required. Qualifications of the workman include training in compliance with all OSHA Standards including confined space entry, lock-out / tag-out procedures, hazard communication, fall protection and safe work practices.

Supervisory personnel have passed certain stringent testing requirement to become Certified Air System Cleaning Specialists (ASCS) and Certified Ventilation Inspectors (CVI) of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and Certified Mold Remediation Supervisor status of the American Indoor Air Quality Council (AIAQC).

HVAC System Cleaning
Cleaning of HVAC Systems starts at the point where air enters the Air Conveyance System and ends at the terminal diffuser or grille. Cleaning of the following mechanical components are:
HVAC Air Handler Unit
Stationary and Automatic Louvers and Dampers
Fresh Air Intake Duct
Return and Fresh Air Mixing Plenum
Filter Racks
Cooling, Preheat, and Heating Coils
Condensate Pan and Drain
Supply and Return Fans
Supply, Return and Exhaust Ductwork
VAV Terminal Boxes, Mixing plenums of Hot-Cold Decks.
Turning Vanes and Dampers
Supply Outlets, Return and Exhaust Grilles

Mold Remediation

Our company has been certified by the American Indoor Air Quality Council and possess the necessary experience rating and formal knowledge to satisfactory do Air Testing, Microbial Sampling and Mold Remediation in health care facilities, offices and private residences.

Our remediation procedures are based on Environmental Protection Agency, ASHRAE, IICRC, NADCA and New York City Department of Health guidelines and standards.

Hi-Rise Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaning

Removal of dirt, lint, and grease from the exhaust systems will improve the air quality of the apartment occupants and also increase the efficiency of the exhaust fans thereby extending the life time of the equipment .

Also, by cleaning and removal of accumulated grease from the exhaust system, it will minimize the chance of grease fires.

Compactor Refuse Chute Cleaning

Compactor Refuse Chute Cleaning is necessary to reduce rodent and insect pests, while reducing obnoxious garbage odors. Refuse Chutes are cleaned with rotary steam powered equipment which blasts off dirt surfaces areas and then sanitizes and deodorizes.

HVAC Hygiene Inspections
Maximizes employee health and safety by periodic inspection of the main components of the HVAC system to determine the presence of mold and fungi, cleanliness of ductwork, heating and cooling coils, air filter changes, humidification equipment and in general the overall condition of the system. The Environmental Protection Agency states that the indoor environment can be as much as 90% more contaminated than the outdoors. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Commercial systems should be checked yearly for build-up of accumulated dirt that will impact upon employees and equipment
Other Services Provided
Rehabilitate / Remove / Install internal duct insulation
Encapsulate interior of duct to prevent migration of rusted ductwork or fiberglass acoustical insulation into occupied space
Videotape the inside of ductwork before and after cleaning to create a record of cleaning of non-working components such as defective fire dampers or turning vanes
Sanitizing Air Conveyance Systems
Microbial Testing and Remediation
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